Marrakech Pool Parties

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VIP DayClub Package in Marrakech

Dayclubs & pools are open in Marrakech! If you have been searching for what are the hottest pool parties in Marrakech right now, or simply for which pool parties are near me, you have arrived at the correct website. No Cover Nightclubs has all the information on every dayclub in town, as well as access to the guest lists, bottle service reservations, and event calendars. Get all the information on when they are open and how they work.

How Much Are Marrakech Pool Parties?

Having a entry fee or cover charge at the door is common for dayclubs & pool parties in Marrakech. This price can vary depending on who the performer is, the day of the week, and/or if it falls on a holiday weekend. A solid estimate of what to pay is between 300Mad – 600Mad. Costs for holidays you can expect increased prices.
The smart way to avoid paying cover charges has been made simple by booking bottle service where the costs for entry are already included.

Marrakech DayClubs
Pool Party in Marrakech
Marrakech Pool Parties
Marrakech Pool Party

What Music Is Played At the Dayclubs & Pools?

Partiers are often curious and ask what music types are played at pool parties in Marrakech. The answer is you will find a few music genres depending on the venue and the date/headliner. Common music types include EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40, and Open Format. For those who don’t know, open format is a mix of all music types. See our pool party descriptions above which outline which type of music is played at which club venues.

What Times Are The Pool Parties Open?

Most of the dayclubs venues follow a similar schedule for the spring, summer, and fall months. They are open at 11am and close around 7pm. Events can sometimes stay open longer depending on how busy the afternoon is. If you are looking for what to do after the pools close for the day, Marrakech nightclubs are highly suggested to keep the party going.

What Is The Age Limit?

In order to attend any of the pool parties in Marrakech you must be 18 and over any provide a valid ID.

How To Find Marrakech Pool Parties Near Me?

Using our dayclub outline above it is simple to find which pool parties are near you. You can quickly and easily browse by location and/or hotel property, and find information, photos and videos.


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The best Marrakech Pool Parties

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How to get into a pool party in Marrakech?

There are four ways to get into Marrakech pool parties. They include general admission, pre-sale tickets, guest list and bottle service. Let us explain.

  • Pre-sale Tickets: The simplest route to ensure your entrance into a Marrakech day club is by purchasing pre-sale tickets. It’s best to grab them ahead of time to avoid missing out or facing a price increase.
  •  Guest List: The majority of day clubs offer a complimentary guest list. Girls can often enjoy free entry, while the rules for men may vary from club to club. Some may offer free entry for groups of men, while others may require a certain number of females in the group. It’s important to read the guidelines before submitting your request.
  • Bottle Service: This is the most expensive option but it also offers the most luxurious experience. You’ll enjoy expedited entry and a private table with table service, providing a more upscale experience.
  • General Admission: If you haven’t secured your entry through a guest list or pre-sale ticket, this option is for you. However, it tends to come with a higher price tag and the possibility of a longer wait in line.
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